About Cubatics Industries

Making lives Easier, Healthier, Happier.

Cubatics Industries office space is designed on the Vastu principles. Vastu is an ancient Vedic science of layout, planning of buildings that has stood the test of times, influencing peace and prosperity of the inhabitants. Vastu science does not find its roots in astrology, but is a science that deals with the management of cosmic energy in building and structures. It has strong scientific base and is not a myth.

The name Cubatics comes from the assembly of cubes that offer various permutation and combinations in colour, design and textures in product making. Our technicians put together the best of their know how to extract a wide range of fashion knitted fabrics that go beyond simply pleasing our customers. We add values vide various special finish added to the fabrics making them technically and user friendly.

The office spaces are very aesthetically pleasing, the elevations of floor in certain areas are deliberately designed to give the entire office employees and advantage, the design on the glass that includes the transparent and opacity blend with the geometric shapes that inspire, the light settings for an ergonomical working and paintings that sparkle the walls with colours. Most art pieces are modern. Those who understand modern art can understand many things forming while the colours stay together on canvas. For each function the office space is designed to encourage active working and gives positive energy to employees.

Cubatics Industries is primarily a knitted fabric manufacturing composite mill and if you look at the logo you will understand the working philosophy. Cubatics is an equal opportunity employer and you will find the right blend of male and female ratio in the office segment. The job placement is not on basis of gender but on eligibility. The company does not strive to demonstrate this to outsiders or our consumers but likes to hire based on eligibility and expertise in subject matter- with no reservation. Yes nonetheless women are treated courteously and men too are regarded.

The Cubatics Logo is a Hexagon shape of 3 colours coming together to form a collective pattern. The colours are Orange, Green & Blue. Orange is regarded as a colour of prosperity, Green represents the environment which is core to our product manufacture, Blue represents open spaces- these spaces are for growth in revenue and in product design. The logo has each colour in 4 angle geometric patterns coming together but spacing out to allow each element to grow. Giving space the design comes together as a collective binder. It adds necessary colours to sparkle intrigue and the company's logo statement is ' Focus on The Present' . While you will hear most companies plan for times ahead we do the same with increased attention to our current moment. Our focus is on the present time thus enabling us to deliver effectively and tackle the current situations effectively. We avoid thus backlogs keeping us servicing our customers to best satisfaction and making our way forward.

Why Hexagon in the logo? Why the stress on gender balance without reservation to either? This is spiritually driven. In Indian Mythology this has a deep meaning. Like souls merge and Gods come together to demonstrate that human body forms are not forms of essence, but their unison is what is a factor of strength, this thought gives our customers the confidence that they can trust us with the deliverables. We will do whats necessary in combined integrity and strength. Each process owner has a degree of autonomy but must come as a collective strength, adding to the team's current output.