About Director

Cubatics Industries envisions to be the leading name as a source for Circular knitted fabrics, Athletic and other special finish sports wear fabrics, End use garments for Domestic and Export markets by the year 2020.

Cubatics envisions further to be vertical in its operations from POY –Yarn to Retail of garments for Domestic and till Garment export for International markets, equipped with the latest Machinery and Technology being run and managed by very well cross trained Professionals in the industry.

The Director aims to provide the best possible working environment to his employees, including training them time to time and supporting them and their immediate families with the best of healthcare and education facilities.

Rakesh Sarawagi a Commerce Graduate from West Bengal, is a young leader that drives his team with a great degree of enthusiasm. He is the Executive Director at Cubatics Industries and strong with multitasking. A mind that is Analytical and calculation comes with ease from the family he is born in, he also has a good sense of design.

His mentor is his father Fakirchand Sarawagi, who advises him on all matters, cultural, ethical and business approach to evolving market conditions.

All his team members appreciate the freedom he allows, while they interact with him, and he holds people who are cross trained on all aspects-ensuring every member in his company is onto Marketing the product lines.

A man with a vision- where India is dominantly known for cotton production Rakesh Sarawagi is a forward thinker and has developed a product line of athletic wear knitted fabrics. This range is futuristic to market conditions and holds tremendous potential in both India and Internationally His upbringing has been in West Bengal and he has a deep understanding of both wholesale and retail.

Spiritually inquisitive and ethically conscious – he balances the business goals understanding the commercial aspects as well.

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